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Web portal for GPA TC FACILITY

Web portal for GPA TC FACILITY

Organized publications

Industries: Social
Country: World wide organization
Tech: Web, Mobile
Date: 2020

Project Description

Web portal for GPA tc Facility is a space for publishing different information, news, events, etc. Admin panel allows to create posts easily and publish it to necessary pages. Many blocks on pages are managed from an admin panel and it's comfortable to manage each page anytime.

Case challenge photo


The Challenge

The project started from negotiations between our team and an EBRD representative. The task was to create a web portal for publishing different news according to the bank's events, create blog functionality to create articles and all the functionality should have been administered from an admin panel. Also there was a requirement, the future portal should work according to 4 languages (English, Spanish, Russian, French).

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

Usually each project we started from gathering requirements and UX prototypes creation. In this case the client had partners for doing UX/UI activities. They gathered base requirements concerning prototypes and already uploaded several pages into Zeplin. We realized we need to have good communication with guys from the other side and help them to create the design according to functional requirements that we were collecting and other important stuff about the portal and the admin panel working. So, this way we helped them to finish UX/UI design and gathered all the necessary information to be sure that all matches to the client's expectations and needs, received the approval and started development.

The first development stage was markup development. During the UI/UX stage, we asked designers from the other side to create for each page 4 resolutions (1920, 1366, 768, 375 px). According to this approach, we provided the client with a friendly portal interface. This way allows users to have a convenience to use the website and easily find relevant information. 

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image

Being on the way of our becoming we chose to work with Laravel framework. It gives no limits for us and our clients in solutions we develop. Having started to develop a backend part on Laravel, we used Backpack functionality for the admin panel creation. Our developers like the approach when they just do their job well and they don't have to invent the new bicycle. In the beginning, the client and we chose areas and blocks at the website interface that should be managed from the admin panel. There was developed functionality for each page that included necessary blocks and areas with that ability to edit text or photo content also the ability to create new article pages and news blocks. One of the main conditions was language management. Each page inside of the admin panel has a button and it's comfortable when a user has the ability to switch to a necessary language button and add necessary content for each language version.


The result

Case results image

Eventually, we demonstrated the web portal for a responsible person that was supposed to work with it closely. Everything was wonderful, she liked our performance and she just only asked about an order of team photos and the ability to edit the general order from the admin panel. Such functionality was out of the scope we had discussed, however, we had warm relationships with the client and executed this wish because we understood the importance and what that meant for the client.
After that, we delivered all the project's files to the client's server, provided the client with all the credentials, and recorded a video about working with the admin panel in order to give more info for working and avoid the client's time spends in the near future to work with the web portal, publishing some content, etc. The client was happy to have such close and warm communication with particular results.

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