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Client: WearWolf
Industries: E-commerce
Country: Ukraine
Tech: Startup, Web
Date: 2020

Project Description

WearWolf is the online store of custom t-shirts manufacturer where people can choose the lovely t-shirt and penetrate the modern print atmosphere.

Case challenge photo


The Challenge

The key request of a client was to develop an online store for selling t-shirts with author prints. The client wanted to reorganize some mainstream in custom t-shirt culture in Ukraine and move on to Eastern Europe and other regions to distribute t-shirts by online approach.

According to the initial information from the client, we realized that the online store must have SEO adjustments, so the site should be made in conformity with all requirements to filters and general HTML structure to get profitable SEO positions in organic search from the beginning.

The main requirement was to create the online store and help with bringing revenue from selling custom t-shirts via online channels.

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

After the discovery phase, we made a decision to allocate a designer who had a specific vision and wear similar clothes style. He realized what facade must have a future shop to convert inbound traffic into orders. Our point was creating a unique design for the target audience by a person who feels the mainstream to reflect the specific company's style and bring the business value.

There were needed to determine the main design concept. We provided the client with three different concepts of the future website. After that one of them was approved by the client and we started creating a general interface based on approved one.

Realizing the future marketing strategy we developed the design according to SEO requirements. All filters and structures were made based on best practices from our marketing partners. This way we created a modern and SEO friendly UI/UX in 4 resolutions. It includes 1920, 1366, 768, 375 Pixels.

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image

After the design stage, our markup developer made HTML structure for four resolutions and pixel perfect display in Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge. Especially, we did pay attention to tablet and mobile screens because according to statistics, mobile traffic exceeds desktop.

On a server-side, there was developed a custom admin panel to manage the online store, download new content and new goods. Developing the backend side we have got used to using the Laravel framework. It provides us and a client’s business with the opportunity to scale any project organically and in the short term if it's required.

This is crucial because these days everything changes too fast - including vision, lifestyle, technologies and of course markets and trends. In this case, our main goal is bringing clients value and revenue from developed products.

We developed a Blog functionality in order to inform users with trends, also to get additional pros for SEO, brand loyalty, etc. The client has the ability to write articles and publish them to the blog. Moreover, every single user can post the article himself, because we made a simple tool in the admin panel where even an amateur is able to do it.

There were made a full circle of SEO adjustments to make the online store SEO friendly and provide it with opportunity to start ranging fast.

The final phase of the project was testing. There were executed performance, security, unit, and usability testing.


The result

Case results image

As a result, we delivered a turnkey project - the completed online store according to the client’s expectations with a specific UI/UX design.

Using a turnkey approach allowed us to make a product with the following scalability and monetization. We made it unique among lots of competitors and simultaneously proved our expertise and helped to run the business up.

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Rest API


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