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Reflect your soul in a mirror

Client: +Object
Industries: E-commerce
Country: UK
Tech: SMB, web
Date: 2018

Project Description

+Object is a company that operates with glass, combining design, high tech style, and author's approach in order to create unique mirror facilities. The web catalog allows users constructing the style of their apartments, houses, rooms, etc. The variety of colours, textures, and stylistic solutions makes their products to be used in various interior and exterior design solutions all over the world.

Case challenge photo


The Challenge

The challenge was in creating a website with a custom design that would emphasize the unique product style and inspire users to buy it with the ability of quick product catalog browsing. We faced a situation where we had a need to combine technologies and philosophy to create the customer feeling that provided products are worth to buy. That’s why we allocated a project manager who had had past experience with furniture distributing, so he realized the main challenges in furniture selection from a client-side and how to make this process simpler.

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

Our first step was in investigating the company's products, their client’s needs, tasks should be done, and the client's vision concerning the future website. The outcome of it was creation a software development specification. Creating SRS lets us deliver a product that fully matches the client's expectations.

After this stage, we started the design work. For the task, we allocated a senior UI/UX designer to draw a great and informative user side. This way we developed a luxury and unique design that perfectly matches with high-tech style of products.

The markup stage, as usual, was made by a custom approach without any HTML frameworks. We prefer working this way to manage pages structure, so if a client wants to make some changes, we can embed it easily into the HTML structure.

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image

For getting frontend effects we used React.JS technology. This technology helps to render pages faster, thus users feel comfortable on a page, also search systems like Google index such pages better. It imparted the user interface with some charm, smooth and worth.

On a server-side, we created a custom admin panel using Laravel framework. This way a client receives the ability to manage the website according to his needs. Also, we developed the functionality for adding different items of goods to the website from Excel file in several clicks. The functionality saves lots of client’s time.

After server-side activities, we had a testing stage. Because each of our products must be ready to be used for over the world and keep high load performance.

The last point was delivering all the files to the client’s server and hosting adjustments.


The result

Case results image

As a result, the client received an excellent responsive website with a catalog of products, which increased brand awareness and allowed the company to sell more products. The owner said, “The website looks like a piece of art”.

The design looks according to the point of client's view about luxury and wealth. This way we solved the main issue for the client about the point of differentiation.

All of the website's files were delivered on a client's server with different turn-key adjustments.

We emphasized the client's individuality and led the business up to the next level.

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