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Mountains Hotel

Mountains Hotel

Web booking platform for St. Peter Resort

Client: AREGY Hotelmanagement GmbH
Country: Austria
Tech: SMB, Web
Date: 2020

Project Description

The Mountains is a web booking platform that provides people with ability to book rooms, cottages at St. Peter Hotel and choose a type of service for having rest in the beautiful place in Austria.

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The Challenge

There was a need to redesign and relaunch the Hotel and Restaurant Resort located in the Austrian Alps according to changing management vision, business strategies, and other circumstances.

The management planned to reorganize a list of services providing by the hotel, also change infrastructure and build several new buildings to provide more services regarding a modern vision and trends of having rest & entertainment.

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

We had the challenge to incarnate all the strategies, vision and tasks of management using technologies on the web booking platform simultaneously make it simple and attractive.

We decided to implement a comprehensive approach and started from an investigation part and defining requirements according to the client’s request for redesigning UX/UI part.

After a close interaction with a stakeholder, we incepted creating UX/UI prototypes. All the activities concerning a design part were executed in FIGMA. Such a tool provided us with the opportunity to be in a tight process of approving solutions and observing current activities by a stakeholder. Because the tool gives a project link with an ability to observe a work process in a real-time.

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image

Following modern trends and global vision, we developed an adaptive design in four resolutions. It includes screens: 1970, 1366, 768, 375px. Every single page was developed to provide people with a comfortable way to find resort services they need and book apartments regardless of a device they have.

Having done a design stage we started markup activities. We decided to use custom markup elements instead of Bootstrap framework. So in case of having an urgent need to add some blocks or sections the client will have an opportunity to complete it in a short way.

A stage of backend programming was not least then a design and markup creation. We used an existing admin panel to integrate a new markup in Symfony engine. One of the client’s requirements was an implementing of a booking engine.

The client’s solution was to take an existing engine and make the integration. was chosen as a core booking engine. We implemented it into the heart of the system to make booking functionality active.

That gave an opportunity to save the time to start the resort working with a new vision and strategy.

There was made the anti-spam filter to get emails and functionality to get information and files through call back forms and manage them by admin panel.

We made integrations with third parties services like Facebook and other resources to download tourist reviews for automatic publishing them at the platform. There were saved SEO positions.

The most important thing was Quality Assurance stage. Our QA specialists executed a full circle testing process. There were made activities according to adjustments and checkout the booking system with general functional features.

As a final stage, we migrated all the web platform files to a client’s server and adjusted hosting options to run up the platform in the world network.


The result

Case results image

As a result, we delivered to the client the web booking platform with a custom admin panel and user interface. All the requirements were implemented and tested. The client runs up the new concept of travel business at a beautiful place in Austria.

The booking platform lets the client organize a process of getting more tourists in several clicks. In addition to it, such an approach of acquisition of tourists by the web system allowed to open many ways to increase revenue and make the resort convenient for every person in the world.

Technologies used









Rest API, Facebook API,Web Booking Engine


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