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Transfer your prospect to CRM in a click

Client: Christian Duval
Industries: Sales
Country: Canada
Tech: Web
Date: 2021

Project Description

The project is a chrome extension SaaS for catching and transferring data from Linkedin to PipeDrive CRM in a click. The tool is very useful for lead generation and sales specialists who need to save time and create a prospect in CRM, so, LuckyLink gathers info like first/last name, email, phone number, etc, that exists on a profile. Then shows the data inside an Iframe window where a user is able to edit or add some new info and just send it to the CRM. As a result, we have a created profile in CRM with all captured data from the Linkedin profile.

Case challenge photo


The Challenge

The challenge was in creating a flexible functionality to parse data from LinkedIn and do it fast because no one wants to wait much time, an Iframe with the caught data should have been appeared immediately on a Linkedin page to provide users with the ability to perform as much of their work as possible. It’s very important in building a SaaS to think about the end-users, realize their needs, tasks, and mindset. Because it directly affects the monetization way and future success of a tool. And also there were many custom features like adding fields from CRM menu to the Iframe and then receiving it with filled data to CRM. So, in general, there was the task to create a good SaaS that covered customers' needs.

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

Having received approval from the client we started to do UX/UI design in order to redraw all the details from the mockups correctly and provide our frontend developers with accurate work to further development.

There has been used a warm palette of colors and a minimalistic enterprise design to reflect client's preferences. All design activities were performed using Figma, it's a great tool that provides a client with the ability to observe executed work and give feedback and comments inside the tool. Thus the interaction between a team and a client goes smoothly.

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image

After approval of the design stage, we started doing markup activities and developing a database. Those actions were started simultaneously to reduce the time for the development because any SaaS should be run as fast as possible, and it is very important because of competitors and any other reasons that may happen.

Having done markup and database we started the main part of the development. There have been allocated middle and senior level developers for executing the part. There was coded an engine that sends data to the database and PipeDrive CRM, synchronizes all the system to detect whether the user is already added to the CRM or not, and then the system should reflect it and put a necessary badge to the user's profile at LinkedIn. And the system also shows users which are added and aren't to the CRM. It's comfortable to search for prospects and see immediately who is already on a radar, and who should be added there.

All iterations were made tightly with the client, he took part in discussions and was in touch to make decisions concerning different stuff. And it allowed both of us to do a good product.


The result

Case results image

As the result, we've made a good SaaS, that totally fits the client's vision and expectations. The tool gives a good ability to save time and increase the general effectiveness of persons who are involved in sales and lead generation. It transfers data from LinkedIn to PipeDrive in a click and a new prospect page is automatically created inside PipeDrive. It's comfortable working with a big amount of data for sales, especially for IT industry. The chrome extension was uploaded to the chrome store and can be used for necessary activities. All project files were delivered to the client including the code, which was also delivered to the client's repo. 

Technologies used







Stripe API


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