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Truck spares in your pocket

Client: GruzLife
Industries: Marketplace / Automotive
Country: Ukraine
Tech: Startup, web
Date: 2019

Project Description

Gruzlife is an automotive startup. The C2C marketplace enables users buying&selling trucks and spares for that without any commission. It provides users with the opportunity to search for different kinds of services like truck repairing or tire fitting. In addition, users can seek for jobs or post their own job for free.

Case challenge photo


The Challenge

A founder of logistics company approached us. He had an idea about founding an automotive startup to make some local revolution in truck industry. For that time, there wasn’t any place where people could buy that stuff. People had to go to the offline market for buying or selling old trucks and related stuff. It required spending a lot of time from both sides. So the idea was in creating some buffer place for people who are interested in different kinds of transport stuff like trucks, spares, trailers, also job-seeking opportunity. All marketplace services were assumed to be for free there. No fees were required for users.

The client wanted to create a filter system on the platform to provide users with finding necessary trucks or truck spares easy. It included metrics like:

  • Model
  • Year of production
  • Price
  • Make
  • Body type
  • Engine type
  • Engine capacity
  • Transmission type
  • Mileage
  • Location

The main business requirement was to make the platform thus, to monetize traffic by advertisement model because all features supposed to be for free.

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

We always start a project from the discovery phase. Such an approach provides the client and us with an opportunity to finalize the project’s idea and create a software requirements specification. Having collected all the details, the specification was completed and approved by the client and we jumped on the UI/UX design stage.

Moving ahead, the client was interacting with our team during almost a whole development process, so when we moved to the design stage one of the most important requirement was simplicity. It meant to make the interface as simple as possible according to the target audience (truck drivers, mechanics, truck/spares sellers, and other motorists). We created a simple interface in order to provide users with an easy way to solve their needs and simultaneously we included places for advertisement as the client wanted as a business requirement.

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image

For now, mobile traffic exceeds desktop, that is why we made 4 resolutions for the platform and developed an advertisement placement system for all screens. The resolution includes screens 1920, 1366, 768, 375 Pixels.

There were created truck’s categories and subcategories including filters to search for objects on the platform. It makes interacting processes on the platform comfortable and simple for users.

Having done UI/UX design in Figma we started to make markup. Among the main browsers where the platform must have pixel-perfect reflection were Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Edge.

We realized the platform supposed to keep a big load under a big amount of sessions. According to these details, there was taken a solution to develop the system using PHP Laravel 5.8.

We developed a custom admin panel for the project and dynamic filters functionality which allows a client to adjust them by himself.

There was architected a custom database to manage a big amount of commercial ads.

The difference peculiarity of the project was the development of the whole admin panel from scratch by our engineers. It included some basic features like adding/editing/deleting ads, but also custom ability to manage advertisement sectors. So, it allowed creating a product according to the vision and client's requirements.


The result

Case results image

As a result, we delivered MVP 1 of the platform which is the revolutionary solution in the Ukrainian market with the ability to scale functionality in a short term according to market changes. Every pixel of the platform matches the client’s needs.

Also, there were provided hosting and domain adjustments and the project files were moved to a production server in order to provide the client with turn-key service. For now, the client has a good tool to help people with finding trucks, jobs, spares. We run up an MVP1 to provide the client with the ability to start monetizing traffic and currently working on MVP2.

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