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SaaS for selling verification badges to the site owners

Client: FormCred
Industries: Security
Country: USA
Tech: Web
Date: 2020

Project Description

FormCred is a SaaS for selling verification badges to the site owners. It helps to display to users that your website is trusted, has traffic, and is useful for users according to their needs. 


Case challenge photo


The Challenge

A client from California approached us with a request about helping him to finish his project. There was a little amount of work done but many features still had to be developed. After the meeting we defined the scope of work and started the development process.

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

We started development by adding more script inside registration functionality because it wasn't performed completely. We added several validation checks and made the registration/login process simple, clear, and smooth.

Generally, the application was a SPA developed on Vue.JS, we made a decision to leave this stack and continue working with it. For backend part was taken Firebase technology as it's taken in many cases for startups and apps for quick starting.

The app needed a monetization process, so we configured Stripe as a payment system for receiving costs from users on a constant basis. The payment functionality was connected to personal account functionality which we had developed before, so each user was able to put his card to the app and manage his spending, personal data, etc.

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image


The result

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Eventually, we completed the application and executed all client's wishes that were coming to us during the development process. It's pretty good when after someone's work we got outside the logic, developed a big part of our code having crashed nothing developed before, and then delivered the completed project to the client. The client wasn't too emotional, however, he said we had done an excellent job.

Technologies used




Stripe API


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