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Industries: Healthcare
Country: Russia
Tech: Enterprise, Web, Mobile
Date: 2018

Project Description

FDoctor is a web platform with a mobile application developed for a medical clinic in Moscow. The platform provides users with the ability to make an appointment, simple selection of doctors and clinic location, control of medication, leading of EHR, dispensary events, etc. The platform is eager to change the way of communication between a patient and doctor, doing it smarter, modern and affordable.

Case challenge photo


The Challenge

Our company was set a goal to analyze the internal structure, processes, and list of services and clinics in order to optimize their working and bring the medicine online. The future platform supposed to reflect all clinic services and departments like: dental, therapists, therapy, urology, laboratory investigations, etc.

Also, we needed to implement modern technologies for patient comfort. It included a mobile application with a personal account, EHR, online queue, functionality for making appointments, service standards, quality control system.

In our day's much attention are paid to EHR ( Electronic Health Record ). An electronic health record is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. EHRs are made for real-time record leading patient's health in order to impact his treatment or rehabilitation process, etc.

EHR includes the following things like: medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, and laboratory results.

It saves a patient's health history and helps doctors making any kind of investigations or building a treatment process for a long time regarding previous data about a patient.

We needed to develop such functionality to let the client set up a treatment process in the clinic and make all the data accessible to doctors.

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

We realized that we needed to create a platform and an application for the clinic’s clients to make services online and synchronize a platform with an application.

We led a detailed discovery phase in order to finalize the main requirements. It was very important because there was needed to develop a comprehensive system with integrations between the platform and the application.

The outcome of our first working stage was a Software Requirement Specification. We did it in order to define a common direction, work model and make sure our vision and understanding matched the client's needs and expectations.

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image

After this stage, we started creating UX/UI design. During all the process we were communicating with stakeholders from the client's side. There were some edits during the development process in the interface because they wanted to have a perfect design according to the clinic's services. As an outcome of the design process, was made design in Figma with four resolution in order to make the platform adaptive. It included 1920, 1366, 768, 375 Pixels.

Having done the design stage we moved to markup activities. There were used a custom HTML approach and integrated Vue.JS components to make the platform more “friendly and interactive”.

For a server-side we used Laravel framework, to impart the future platform as much flexibility as possible. Because today a market and client's behavior are changed often and the client wanted to be ready to changes and have the ability to scale the business up in the short term.

We made functionality to implement modern technologies for patient comfort. It included a mobile application, personal account, EHR, online queue, functionality of making appointments, service standards, and quality control system.

All that stuff helps patients both: on the one hand, to observe their health status through EHR, and on the other hand, getting qualified medical help. Moreover, patients also save their own time using the electronic queue.

The next step was testing. We have a rule going through different types of testing before release. It includes performance, stress, unit and usability testing, because the platform was supposed to be friendly and keep high load performance.

Having done the QA stage we released the platform and migrated platform’s files to the client’s server.


The result

Case results image

Summarizing, we developed a bright website and cross-platform mobile application that were connected using Rest.API. The site and application were made with modern technologies following best practices of web and mobile development. The client received the ability to engage new patients from different online sources and increase revenue.

Technologies used




React Native



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