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Business Reorganization Questionnaire

Business Reorganization Questionnaire

All pieces of information in your database

Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Industries: Social & Finance data gathering
Country: World wide organisation
Tech: Web, Mobile
Date: 2020

Project Description

Business reorganization questionnaire project is a platform that gathers, structures, and keeps respondent's answers. The gathered data is kept inside of the database and can be downloaded according to client's needs. 

Case challenge photo


The Challenge

All started from a task about gathering information from different people from many countries concerning restructuration, finances and other needs. This task was received from European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and consisted in creating a web questionnaire functionality to gather data from respondents, processing the data and then keeping it in a database with functionality of extracting all the pieces of info from the database as an Excel file. The data should have been kept having parameters as: country, name, id, etc.

Case challenge photo
Case challenge photo

What we did

What we did

Initially we gathered requirements about the project and doings supposed to be executed after the development stage, it includes activities of processing info that is transferred in DB, points about keeping the info inside and methods of extracting and further working with the info.

As a solution to move forward there was chosen Survey.JS library that is based on JavaScript and had all necessary stuff to solve the task. Our colleagues from EBRD prepared a layout of a future questionnaire and shared us with. Based on received docs we started to develop questionnaire functionality, creating question logic according to the layout, putting some score algorithms, connecting the functionality with the database, etc.

While we were developing the questionnaire functionality another EBRD partner was doing UI/UX design for a website where should have been put in the questionnaire engine. So, when we developed the questionnaire engine, guys also finished the design part.

Having conducted a meeting we started markuping the website interface. There was nothing complicated at the stage, the design was fresh and simple, so we made the markup and started to embed the questionnaire functionality. Having done these stages we moved project files to our dev server and started to test all functionality. As a backend framework we chose Laravel, it has a flexible structure and no limits concerning features or approaches we should follow.

Case what we did image
Case what we did imageCase what we did image

After the QA stage there were detected some minor mistakes that didn't influence the core functionality, so we fixed it and provided our client with the server address to have a look at the project.
Everything looked nice and worked well. There were just comments about adding additional functionality as: separating the questionnaire for 2 different questionnaires, breaking the first section down for groups of questions, adding pagination functionality, and a sticky progress bar for respondents to see the stage they are for both separated questionnaires.
We discussed the tasks and started to work. In some time we demonstrated the tasks done and moved files to the dev server where our colleagues from EBRD had an opportunity to touch the functionality and pass a questionnaire, sort of feeling themselves as respondents and have a look at what else may be added to the project for the comfortability of users. 

Having finished the acceptance testing we adjusted a client's server and delivered the project there. The delivery process was smooth. All modules worked correctly. Anyway, we checked one more time all systems and functions to be sure that all is okay and we can report about it to the client.


The result

Case results image

The result of many conducted meetings, stages of work, and negotiations become the developed website with the questionnaire module that gathers respondent’s answers and puts the data inside of Database. Besides the questionnaire module, the website has different information about EBRD, events, partners, assessments, etc. It's very informative when a user before filling the questionnaires may take a look at different information that is related to EBRD and conduction questionnaire activities.
Eventually, all the functionality was done and the client was satisfied with our work and the attitude to the project during the development and communication process.

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