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Nowadays, in 2023 year, there are many technologies and frameworks to build different products, simple websites, platforms, services, etc. There are a lot of different articles about pros&cons of each technology, about how people should build their projects, and so on. However, the articles we’ve seen were mainly about “Python or Java or JavaScript is the best for your project” because we use such technology stack to develop the orders. 

We’d like to write an independent article about different technologies in a simple way to tell non-technical people what is the best option for them according to their requirements, expectations, and budget.
We are AlvariumSoft and working in the web development area. So the article is about web development. About mobile development, we will try to tell you in the near future.

So,  the first point is that you as a client need to visualize your project or idea on a sheet of paper or in your notes. If you want to receive accurate information about your project, you need to give the core information first. In this case, the accuracy level in correspondence with your possible vendor is going to be more simplified and clear.
So, in the most cases, you may be offered to build your project on these technologies: Php (Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter, Yii2), Php (Magento), Php (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), Python (Django, Flask), Ruby (Rails), JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular, Node), Java.
These all technologies are workable and can fulfill your needs according to the project, but let's consider them deeper.

Firstly, needs to have a look at your project. So, let's start with small objects and go upper.
A lot of projects look like small websites of 10-20 pages. The number of pages may be increased because of the blog articles. If you want your website to be the first in the google search, the number of articles will be increased, and also here goes a work from an SEO specialist. For such type of project work the following technologies like: Php (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla). WordPress is the newest and most configured technology for development. It is being developed, new features are being added, so, you as a client receive the newest solution. The second pros is that there are a lot of developers who work on this technology. You are not dependent on the situation when you need to find a developer quickly. Drupal and Joomla according to our mind are deprecated and don't have such a community and freshness as WordPress. 

You can also consider such a technology to develop a landing page, company website, small online stores. WordPress has a lot of ready-made features, so the development process is fast. But the main cons here is that if you would like for example "to put the fifth wheel to a car", it may be hard and sometimes impossible to perform. 

If your project is an online store, you can build it on Magento, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby... in general each technology is okay, but simultaneously not so.
If your goal is to quickly check the market and your idea with a small budget, you may consider WordPress. 
If you have a serious intention to go forward, you can consider more powerful thing like Magento (it’s used to develop online stores).
When you're building your "Empire" you may consider frameworks like Laravel or Symfony. With them, you can do many different things, unlike the past techs. Laravel is more popular, there are many developers. Symfony is harder but gives more stability in working of your application. These technologies are like engines, to have a carcass may be used HTML templates or any of JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue or Angular. Now, SPA applications are very popular, they work fast, keep performance, and so on. If in your project is used any of them (React, Vue, Angular) it means your project is SPA. If you need the project to be promoted by SEO, it requires additional work to create SSR. Without SSR nothing works with SEO. Techs like WordPress already have everything and you don't need to put an additional budget into your project.

There is an option not to have React, Vue, or Angular in your project. It saves the costs and time, but the project is going to have a “grey” interface without some peculiarities that people have used to like and pay attention to. Some developers may say “I will do any animation using css or a native JS”. But there is a limit in these technologies, that is why React, Angular, and Vue have been invented.
If your project is about scrapping some data from somewhere or work with different data in general, you should look towards Python and his frameworks Django, Flask, and Tornado.

If your project is about gathering some data from somewhere or working with different data in general, you should look towards Python and its frameworks Django, Flask, and Tornado.
Python has many advantages to work with data, and there are a lot of developers you can allocate to develop or support your project.

Ruby and its framework "Rails" is a bit outside the market. It's a usual technology to write server logic, but Laravel and Symfony are more advanced, fresh, and being developed. It's not a bad choice to develop your application, but the amount of developers is not so high as in Php frameworks and technologies like Laravel, Symfony, WordPress etc. So you will need some time to find the right person to trust the development.
If we are talking about enterprise technologies, Java is the first that comes to mind. It's a powerful technology, but for really big projects for big firms. It's not about the commercial development of small to medium sizes.

Summarizing all the told, all technologies are okay, but it's very dependent on a type of a project, your goals, and your requirements.If we could make hard things simple, we would tell that there is no need to transfer small cargo by truck. Because it's your costs, and if a technology is right for your project, you pay cost-effectively. So, pay attention to these peculiarities and better have consultations with different companies.

The most important thing is that if your project is not something standard. You need to start with a discovery phase. Where all your wishes are described and only after that the final cost may be counted. If your idea is unique and companies give you the final cost just having done a conversation with you... You risk to receive nothing workable. 

We hope it is useful for you. Thank you and good luck!

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