Making crosscultural support accessible

Client: Globiana
Industries: E-learning
Country: Germany
Tech: SMB, Web
Date: 2019

Project Description

Crossculture2go is a marketplace for videos, eLearning courses and live coaching sessions on business cultures around the world. The platform makes crosscultural support accessible, affordable, and convenient anytime, anywhere.


The Challenge

A founder of Crosculture2go approached us with a request to provide him with development support. He had goals to scale the project up and in this direction, there were tasks that should have been done.

It included:

  • edition educational videos and texts;
  • redeveloping educational materials including the logic of the learning process inside tutorials;
  • supporting the platform on backend side;
  • quizzes creation.

After discussing the work and interaction processes we prepared a clear roadmap and started working.

What we did

What we did

We re-developed more than 48 videos and educational tutorials. There was built and embedded a system of quizzes which helped to increase the quality of education provided by the platform.

We also worked for rewriting texts to videos. Because all the new information should have been added to existed tutorials. Our goal was refreshing all the content and make the platform more fresh and attractive for potential clients.

There was upgraded the backend part. We realized the platform should have been kept a high load performance and we optimized the backend code.

The client wanted to use WordPress as a CMS, so we connected markup structure with the engine.

Having done all that doings we started providing maintenance services for the platform.


The result

As a result, we helped the client to refresh all the content he had had and also there were implemented new systems of learning into tutorials. It allowed for increasing the quality of education provided by the platform. All the clients got the opportunity to use platform services wider and they became to buy more tutorials either.






Adobe Premiere Pro



Articulate Storyline 360

Technologies used


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